Bamboo straw short 15cm x 0,8cm (20 pieces)

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Short straw ideal for small or shorter cocktail glasses.

Size is 15 cm x 0.8 cm

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An ideal eco straw for short glasses of cocktails, Martini’s, champagne etc.

It fits exactly in length but still has enough mouthpiece for an easy drink.

The size of this natural straw is 15 cm x 0.8 cm

The bamboo straw is beautifully finished with a sharpened mouthpiece and polished exterior.

Package of 20 straws

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7 reviews for Bamboo straw short 15cm x 0,8cm (20 pieces)

  1. John

    The best straw for our cocktails!

  2. US drinks and liqueurs

    We have been looking so long for this straws. Finally!

  3. garcia

    Thank you for these perfect straws! Good luck with this amazing product!

  4. July

    All you can find on internet are the longer straws. We were looking for the shorter ones for small glasses and we have found them at Strawamboo. They have perfect straws and you can even wash them in the dishwasher. Ideal! Thanks Strawamboo!

  5. Bar bar Cocktail

    For our cocktail bar we have purchased these short straws at Strawamboo. They are perfect! Even better than plastic ones. No we order all our straws at this company!

  6. Alice

    Wow! Perfect straws! Everybody should switch to bamboo straws of Strawamboo!

  7. Kiki Kindergarten

    Four our kindergarten we where looking for smaller straws for our kids. We have found the perfect ones at Strawamboo. We order now every month a package and we will continue doing so.

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