Straw for packaged drinks 15cm x 0,5cm (20 pieces)

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Exceptionally thin and short straw.

Ideal for pre-printed drink hole packages.

length is 15 cm and diameter is 0.5 cm

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This straw is, just like bamboo straw no. 02, exceptionally thin in diameter. However, it is much shorter than the 22 cm.

This makes this eco straw ideal for small packages with a pre-printed drinking hole such as milk, chocolate, Fristi, Capri-Sun and so on.

With its 15 cm x 0.5 cm this is the thinnest and smallest straw.

The straws are beautifully sharpened and the mouthpiece is polished.
Package of 20 straws.

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4 reviews for Straw for packaged drinks 15cm x 0,5cm (20 pieces)

  1. Picnique

    How easy can it be! We were polluting our oceans for ages while nature gave us such a perfect solution. Our packaged drinks all contain a bamboo straw from Strawamboo.

  2. Dairy drinks

    For our packed drinks we were hesitating about this product. Once we tried it we saw the sales went up with 25%. People love these bamboo straws of Strawamboo. We are now switching all our drinks from plastic straws to these bamboo straws.

  3. Fantasy drinks

    We did a test with these straws and our customers love it. The straws are really becoming a hype. Our sales went up faster than expected.

  4. Fresco company

    Strawamboo gave us the perfect solution for replacement of all our plastic straws. Our customers really appreciate this. We receive dozens of positive emails about these bamboo straws daily.

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