Bamboo straw big smoothie 22cm x 1,0cm

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Drinking straw for semi-liquid drinks such as smoothies, milk shakes, tomato juice and other thick drinks.

The format is 22 cm x 1.0 cm



This bamboo straw is just as long as the normal straws but it has a wider mouthpiece. The diameter is 1 cm.

This makes this straw ideal for smoothies, milk shakes, tomato juice and other thick drinks.

With its 22 cm x 1.0 cm this is the thickest straw.

The straws are with a beautifully smooth end and the mouthpiece is polished.

Package of 15 straws.

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100 pcs, 1000 pcs, 15 pcs, 500 pcs

7 reviews for Bamboo straw big smoothie 22cm x 1,0cm

  1. Carola

    My father has problems with eating. Since we bought these straws for him to eat soup and liquid food he eats as he always has done. Perfect product!

  2. Pacha

    Our company has switched entirely from plastic/paper straws to bamboo straws of Strawamboo. They are perfect!

  3. Coffee company

    We have ordered these straws for our coffee company as a test. They appear to be perfect! You caan even drink hot drinks without getting burned. Thank you Strawamboo!

  4. Smoothies shop

    For our smoothies and shakes we have tried these straws. They are amazing! Exactly the straws we needed. And they are easy to clean. What a perfect discovery!

  5. Danielle

    Perfect straws!

  6. Bing

    Strawamboo has the perfect straw for every drink! What a discovery!

  7. Borga

    I have tried several bamboo straws and I hated those thick bamboo straws which come from China. Since I have discovered Strawamboo we have found the perfect straws for our drinks. They have various measures.

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